Apostle Amos Carthage
Apostle Amos
Apostle Amos D Carthage

Amos the Apostle of Jesus Christ, the Apostle, to say grew up in the wilderness among Thorns and Thistles to which tried the Apostle faith in God, but refused to quit. And through the storms and the trials of Life with much persecution, the Thorns and the Thistles, to which Tried to hold the Apostle down, God birthed, THE HOLY VOW. Amos the Apostle, anointed by God our Father, to preach, to teach, and to say led by the Holy Spirit, to the writing books in Christ, words that are Anointed and Life changing, to change lives. And as you read, you shall See each event to unfold before your very own eyes within the earth, as the Turning of a page, THE HOLY VOW. For God revealing to the Apostle, the events to come within Time, revealing to the Apostle a season, to which is prophecy of the events to which we live, now. Prophecy to which women shall and will reign with great Authority, to sayeth in a worldwide democracy, electing representatives to legislate new laws, to the hoping to rebuild the Nationís economy, that which hath fallen as a plan falleth from the sky. And to say, to what religious leaders refuse to tell the Church, Now, you can know the absolute truth, what Religious Leaders has hidden for centuries from the Church, and those of the world, A worldwide cover-up, a conspiracy, Spiritual and Natural lies, and deception. For, Amos the Apostle of Jesus Christ, by the grace of God, to the saying, Anointed by God, to the saying, hold the Office of an APOSTLE, PROPHET, EVANGELIST, Pastor and Teacher. For God have, and is, by the Spirit, to have Birthed within the Apostle, the word of Wisdom, Word of knowledge, Faith, the gift of Healing, the working of Miracles, Prophecy, Discerning of spirits, Divers kinds of Tongues, to have also birth within the Apostle, Interpretation of Tongues, By, and to say the selfsame Spirit of God, through Christ Jesus, within the Apostle. Amen.